024 | GROOVE U: How an Innovative Post-Secondary Music Industry Career Program is Impacting the K-12 Space | with Dwight Heckleman & Nicholas Burgett

Today, we’re going to be talking about music and the role of arts, music, and technology in education – and we’re going to be doing that by learning more about the unique and innovative program here in Columbus. GROOVE U is a post-secondary two-year music industry career program focusing on music industry entrepreneurship, with a heavy emphasis on experiential and applied learning. And, impressively, the program boasts a 96% job placement in-field among all its graduates.

Our guests are Dwight Heckelman, the founder and Director at GROOVE U, and Nicholas Burgett, a Metro Early College High School graduate who spent some time as a student at GROOVE U. Nicholas is going to give some insight into how GROOVE U is interacting with the K-12 space in some really intriguing and interesting ways, as well as his perspective on learning in these different learning environments.



We unbox:

  • How GrooveU works with K-12 programs
  • The beauty of applied teaching and learning environments
  • A student’s perspective on what students are prepared for and capable of doing during high school
  • The importance of where and how we set expectations
  • The coolest thing about GROOVE U: no one ever asks, “When am I going to use this?”
  • At GROOVE U, the outcome isn’t necessarily the credentialed education – the outcome is what employers are asking for