past annual report 2018

People, Purpose, and Place: Linking Learning to Life

2018 was a year of tremendous growth and expansion for PAST and PAST Innovation Lab. We have accomplished much in 19 years, including:

  • Working in 34 states and spanning several countries
  • Creating over 150 educator and student programs
  • Impacting hundreds of partners, thousands of teachers, and nearly 250,000 students

PAST looks at the world and at education honoring the way humans think, play and interact. We know that people learn better together and true learning occurs at the intersection of culture, community and curiosity.
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Bridge Programs Growth

Student Summer Programs: +66%
# of Student Programs: +47%
Overall Student Impact: +17%

Bridge Programs in 2018

  • 5,229 students engaged in 2017/2018
  • 450 summer program students students 2018
  • 34 programs in 2018
  • 23 informal education programs

School Design and Online Learning Growth

Impacting thousands of teachers in 19 years.

  1. Hosted an online Central Ohio cohort on design thinking & problem-solving.
  2. Designed & built and Energy4Learning education portal. Energy4Learning
  3. Delivered online & immersive Additive Manufacturing professional development
  4. Conducted adaptive curriculum workshop
  5. Provided leadership professional development to administrators
  6. Partnered with Explorer At Large (XAL) on pilot program for 25 educators
  7. Developed energy, environmental, habitat and logistics units with a cohort of 30 educators
  8. Partnered with Central Ohio Workforce Development Board, IMPACT, Columbus Idea Foundry and OSU through the SMART Skills: Workforce Development program

Number of Teachers Engaged in 2017-2018 year

  • 57 Districts
  • 113 Schools
  • 469 Teachers
  • 52,475 Students

Online PD Courses in 2018

  • 12 Online PD Offerings
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual Brainstorm & Concierge Services
  • Wrap up discussions

Knowledge Capture Growth

Evaluation Research in 2018

  • 2488 stakeholders
  • 347 Teachers
  • 2141 students
  • 28 school districts
  • Led NYT journalists “fake news” session focusing on rebuilding public perceptions of journalistic integrity for students.
  • Designed and managed remote data collection for 2 STEM high schools in Cleveland, OH and Chattanooga, TN.
  • Collected baseline Army Education Outreach Programs data in 5 rural Ohio school districts from nearly 1800 middle school and high school students.
  • Provided evaluation support and feedback for School Design PD with Jade Track, community partners, and the New Albany E3 Energy Lab.
  • Collected 3 years of data and real-time course correction for the Rural Literacy Design Collaborative via a 5th Straight A Fund grant.

PAST Innovation Lab

PAST Innovation Lab and Innovation 1003

In 2018, PAST Innovation Lab hosted 1,589 visitors from business & Industry, higher education, K-12 and community members and since 2016, we have hosted 57 Events and nearly 5,000 visitors.

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PAST Innovation Lab 2018 Visitor Breakdown

  • 615 Business & Industry
  • 324 Higher Ed
  • 399 K-12 Ed
  • 251 Other
  • 1,589 Total

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