58 | Active Education at the Intersection of IT & Water Sports | with The School of One & MCPc

Cleveland happens to be home to one of the most unique and innovative education initiatives in the country: A public/private partnership between the School of One, local industry partner MCPc and a local rowing and sailing program at the Foundry. The School of One is a flexible program that provides instruction to meet the student’s needs — socially, emotionally, and academically with eight sites within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. In this episode, we’re focusing on the site at The Foundry, which is actually not a school but a rowing facility and part of a partnership with MCPc, a data protection company headquartered in the area.

We have three guests to provide insight on every aspect of the initiative: Jalen Baldwin, a student in the School of One MCPc Foundry program; Melanie Lynch, the teacher at the School of One’s Foundry location; and Michael Trebilcock, the Managing Director & President of Community Innovation Partners at MCPc.

We unbox:

  • Why Jalen chose School of One
  • Creating the partnership between the School of One, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, The Foundry, and MCPc
  • How participating in this non-traditional education environment gave Jalen opportunities and insight he never would have had otherwise
  • What happens when you put young adults in charge of their own learning
  • Why MCPc, a tech security company, got involved in water sports and schooling
  • The value of active education
  • Teaching kids to be fearless