71 | What All Educators Can Learn from Camp Invention: Hands-On Learning, Low-Tech STEM, & Remote Education | with Krissy Hostetler

Camp Invention is a STEM summer program for grades K-6 that turns curious students into innovative thinkers, and it’s a program that our host Annalies has a personal love and connection with — because, after her son attended Camp Invention, he came back with absolutely rave reviews.

Our guest today is Krissy Hostetler, Education Team Specialist at the National Inventors 

Hall of Fame (NIHF) in Akron, Ohio, which hosts Camp Invention in addition to a number of other fantastic programs for children of all ages. Krissy is a problem-solving powerhouse, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning.

Krissy also included a fantastic tidbit in her bio that we wanted to share with you, to help you get a better idea of just how awesome she is:  “There are days where I am under a desk in the dark to observe LED brightness and other days where I’m building hydraulic cranes using paper cups, duct tape, and aquarium tubing.” You just have to love a girl who can make anything happen with duct tape and paper cups.

We unbox:

  • The origins of the National Inventors Hall of Fame
  • The NIHF’s partnership with the U.S. patent office
  • Creating Camp Invention
  • Why Camp Invention is intentionally low-tech
  • What formal educators can learn from Camp Invention’s approach — and what we really, really hope they do adapt to their classrooms
  • The difference between telling a kid something and learning alongside them
  • Education in the midst of crisis
  • How Camp Invention adapted to COVID-19 with Camp Invention Connect
  • Delivering a hands-on program remotely
  • What educators have learned from this experience of adapting to remote education options