73 | Implementing Student-Centered Education & Collaboration: Where Do We StarT? | with Outi Haatainen

Today we’re getting an international perspective on the evolution of educational systems. Specifically, we’ll be looking at a Finnish program called StarT that invites schools, kindergartens, families, and extracurricular activity groups from all around the world to share ideas, inspiration and the joy of collaborative learning.

Our guest is Outi Haatainen, who is one of the facilitators for the StarT program created by LUMA Centre Finland and a doctoral candidate in the chemistry department at the University of Helsinki. We often see Finland held up as one of the premier educational systems from around the world, but Outi shares that they’re also experiencing a number of challenges as they try to transition towards more collaborative, project-based learning. Listen to learn what some of those challenges are and how StarT is approaching international and remote collaboration in learning.

We unbox:

  • What makes Finland’s educational system different from the system in the U.S.
  • Emphasizing student-centered learning and collaboration
  • How do you grow collaboration?
  • The International StarT Competition
  • Creating a platform for collaborative, project-based learning
  • How can we integrate more interdisciplinary learning into our existing educational systems?