84 | OnRamp: Helping Students Think About Solving Problems in a New Way | with OSU Students

The Ohio State University Center for Innovation Strategies has an incredible program called OnRamp, which is a corporate innovation idea accelerator driven by innovative students.  Given initial concepts generated by a sponsor, a group of students conduct customer validation and innovation techniques over a multi-week program to result in out-of-the-box solutions. This gives students from any area of the school an opportunity to experience what it’s like to work within a Lean Startup environment, working collaboratively with other students and a corporate sponsor to solve real-world problems.

And today, we’re going to talk to three students who either have participated in or are currently participating in OnRamp:

  • Drew Mayerson, a fourth-year scholar student at Ohio State, who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through the Max Fisher College of Business and OnRamp graduate.
  • Szofi Wiksell, a sophomore at the Ohio State University with a double major in marketing and public policy, who is currently in the middle of the program.
  • David McGrath, who is currently studying finance at OSU and participated in the program a couple years ago.

We unbox:

  • What makes the OnRamp program unique among other career and skill development programs
  • The “fuzzy” side of innovation
  • Collaboration in innovation
  • What corporate partners are OnRamp students working with? What kinds of problems are they solving?
  • Working with Honda R&D
  • Why these corporate partners are seeking the perspective of students from different programs and backgrounds
  • Adapting to COVID and participating in this program online
  • The best solutions aren’t always the ones that consumers want
  • What educators can do to prepare K-12 students for the collaborative environments they will see in college, in work, and beyond