87 | Parks as Classrooms: Place-Based Learning & Real-World Connections | with Julianne Geleynse

If it involves getting more folks outside, learning, and protecting our environment, we are all about it here at the PAST Foundation. And that’s why we are so enamored with the programs offered by the National Park Service. 

And today, Julianne Geleynse from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is going to teach us about the Parks as Classrooms program, which is offered at a number of different parks around the U.S.

We unbox:

  • Working to get urban students out of the city and into nature
  • What students do as part of the program
  • Smokieee’s at Home: explore Great Smoky Mountains National Park from home
  • The power of field trips
  • Adapting to offer more virtual programs
  • Climate change curriculum
  • How you can take advantage of virtual programs for your class