89 | Democratizing Philanthropy with Imran Nuri & Shannon McCalmont

At just 23 years old, Imran Nuri is transforming the way America approaches philanthropy with his impactful non-profit, The 52 Million Project. 

His subscription-based program, which costs $1 a week, donated just over $30,000 to 52 different non-profits last year. By breaking down the barriers of donating, students, young professionals, and local communities have jumped on the philanthropy wagon, without having to break the bank. 

Today Shannon, Imran, and I discuss how the project began, the evolving dynamics of the giving back model, and how charitable efforts from childhood can create altruistic habits for later life. 

We unbox:

  • The inspiration behind The 52 Million Project
  • Imran’s unique perspective on giving back
  • How the brand evolved during the pandemic 
  • Future growth plans for the project