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Leaders AMP-ITT-up Ohio

Unleashing the Potential of Advanced Manufacturing, IT, and Telecommunications 

Leaders AMp-ITT-up Ohio

Leaders - AMp-ITT-up Ohio! (Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Telecommunications) is an endeavor of strategic collaboration with leaders from across the state. This professional learning series is being offered to educational service centers, district-level leaders, and building-level leaders, providing a comprehensive program on how to impact, support, and create frameworks for STEM identity formation in their districts and buildings.

Each region is being asked to create a Working Group that will be an exclusive collaborative forum aimed at leveraging Ohio's emerging sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Telecommunications. Each region's working group will be actively engaged in hands-on demonstration projects with a keen focus on practical application, implementation, monitoring, assessing, and refining the chosen strategies, ensuring that our collective blueprint for the future is not just visionary but practical and effective. 


Session Overview

Members will be responsible for the implementation, monitoring, assessment, and iterative design of these demonstration projects, providing crucial insights into their feasibility and impact. This cyclical process of assessment and refinement allows us to continually innovate and adjust to the ever-evolving landscape of STEM education and career pathways.


There will be 6 sessions during the 23-24 school year at a variety of locations across the state of Ohio. 

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