applied problem-based learning for north ohio middle school educators

Applied Problem-Based Learning Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) for North Ohio Middle School Educators

Professional Development Fellowship Opportunity

Available Spring & Summer 2019 — A combo course —Online P3: Applied with a Hands-On Workshop
Followed by Participating in a Week Long Summer Camp
Connect & Collaborate with other Educators
Value of Fellowship is $2,360
Don’t Miss this Opportunity! Be one of 6 selected Fellows

Learn how to apply Design Thinking processes and ROV skills to create learning opportunities tailored to the needs of your students, solving a real world issue and creating shareable products.

To Apply: Please complete the registration form located at the bottom of the page along with submitting the MOU document to or fax to 888-253-0795.

For questions, please contact

Online PD – P3 Applied – April 2019

  • Learn the processes of Design Thinking — Problems, Projects, Products — P3 – and ROV in an easy self-paced way
  • Participate in 3 live, virtual discussion classes
  • Explore podcasts, videos and discussion forum at your own pace

On Site Workshop – May 2019

  • Immersive Saturday Workshop to Test Drive Activities (May 11, 9am – 1pm) 

Camp Implementation – Summer 2019

  • Implement what you learn by assisting in a student summer camp (one week in June, July or August)
  • Thinking partner and mentoring available
  • Stipend of $500

Launch Your MATE Team – Fall 2019

  • Receive a ROV Kit and $100 gift card for supplies
  • Virtual Brainstorm to share outcomes & discuss future design
  • Upon completion – awarded 3 CEUs.