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Chris Kiminas

Senior Executive Leader

A culture-shaping visionary and change-maker, Chris Kiminas has spent his career leading companies through turbulence, inspiring excellence, and fueling innovative transformation. His strong track record of success in turnaround leadership and business development has made him a sought-after change agent who consistently brings a disruptive mindset to the operation, sales, and marketing of organizations. The breadth and depth of Chris’ experience are far-reaching. He has worked with a variety of industries, including SaaS, consulting, sales, and marketing, and he has led global, high-growth, Fortune 1000, and startup companies.

With a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t, Chris consistently manages multimillion-dollar budgets by systematically developing long-range roadmaps for optimization and sustainability. Whereas many leaders champion for success, Chris strives for even more. He is a champion for excellence, ultimately infusing entire systems, teams, and cultures with the discipline, determination, and dedication to succeed without sacrificing the organization’s mission, goals, and authenticity. With strong strategy and clarity, Chris steers companies beyond bottom lines and efficient outcomes by partnering with leadership teams to shift the organization’s culture. Through collaboration and consultation, Chris delivers a revitalized customer experience.

Chris combines his intuition with a dynamic communications skillset to effectively and successfully articulate business concerns and needs to stakeholders and leaders, providing organizations with crucial insights that consistently position teams to be well equipped in anticipation of what’s ahead. With a high emotional IQ, Chris is able to match a team’s emotional posture with challenges to effectively deliver solutions in which all parties feel heard, validated, and valued.

Time and again, Chris leads teams to build world-class sales organizations, fuel new business development, and evangelize innovations that deliver unique value propositions to the market and clients. As the VP of Marketing & Sales and the Business Unit President at EWI, Chris was recruited into a dual role to champion innovation and fuel a disruptive mindset. This call to action resulted in a phenomenal turnaround by increasing utilization 20%, exceeding total planned revenue, surpassing EBITDA targets, and implementing an evidence-based leadership, culture, and behavior training system.

Additionally, Chris played an integral role in the development and transformation of fast-growing companies, including AMVONET, Astute Solutions, and Landslide Technologies. With each opportunity, teams confidently depended on him to infuse mission-critical transformation that was instrumental in driving sustainable business growth and longevity. Chris’ professional history also includes the launch of a successful regional sales and marketing consulting firm, BizLogx, where Chris and his team advised major clients, including Endforce, EWI, Battelle, and Union Switch & Signal.

A graduate of Cleveland State University, Chris is a current member of the Board of Trustees for The PAST Foundation, a nonprofit organization that assists K-12 schools and school districts in the development of transformative learning strategies through an intensive hands-on approach. Having served for almost four years with this nationally recognized STEM education foundation, Chris thrives at driving improvements in education, ultimately with the goal of closing the critical workforce gap in STEM-dependent industries here in the U.S.

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