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Chris Webb

Owner, Stamplify Branding LLC

Chris believes that every individual and organization has a purpose unique to them. “Whether it is creating a product, offering a service or living a life, no other has their same why of existence; their same purpose.”

Chris also possesses a belief that anything can be accomplished through proper communication. “Communication that is clear in defining a mission, communication that effectively captures a vision, to elicit a motivating emotion. And communication that ultimately inspires action.”

Combining purpose and communication, Chris seeks out opportunities in developing strategies to help brands articulate their purpose. “When all touch points are consistent in reflecting a brand’s why, the proper positioning manifests, the right audience is reached and the action necessary to fulfill a brand’s purpose can take place.”

Chris is the Owner of Stamplify Branding, LLC and serves multiple Foundation boards including Whitehall Education Foundation and Redeeming Injustice Foundation. Chris is also the former LINC Steering Committee chair for the United Way of Central Ohio, serving in 2019-2020. Chris received his Associates Degree in Applied Science and Business Management from Columbus State Community College.


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