create programs

Have an idea for a great program?

The PAST team can help you tailor an existing program, create all new design challenges, or introduce you through our design thinking process.  

The PAST team can…

  • Create and Identify key components of a Design Challenge
  • “Flip” a current PAST program for use in your school
  • Create a program you want to run with PAST
  • Collect student growth data?
  • See the connections across content areas or links between subject areas
  • Make connections with community partners
  • Make connections within your own school
  • Introduce students and teachers to creative thinkers outside your school


Examples of PAST Student Programs:
Spring Fling
Underwater Robotics
Rollercoaster Design
Forensics In The Classroom

Need help launching your program or just have a great idea?

Send us your ideas or questions about developing, modifying, or launching a student program. We would love to hear from you!