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Why Girls Who Lead?

PAST launched the Girls Who Lead (#GirlsWhoLead) project on Thursday, January 19, 2017 as a mechanism to provide a platform for empowering the lives of the next generation of leaders in an ever-evolving global society.  We are often asked, “Why Girls Who Lead” and not “Kids Who Lead” or “Boys and Girls Who Lead”?  We took these questions seriously and had numerous discussions that probed the WHY.  If the purpose of GWL is to empower future leadership, enhance career exploration and emphasize the need for diversity and inclusion, then why limit the effort by singling out girls?

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This movement expands tangible actions for access and equity.

Girls Who Lead powers positive role models, mentors, programs, opportunities, and a community of practice that has long-term impact across humanity.

Girls Who Lead is inclusive and utilizes the stories and experiences of girls and young women to model leadership, make the world a safer, more collaborative, and captivating future for us all.

Girls Who Lead supports young women pursuing STEM careers and endeavoring to become global  leaders. Brilliance, ambition, and confidence have no gender.

Girls Who Lead promotes the hopes and ambitions of the next generation of thinkers and tinkerers.

Councilman Michael Stinziano: Father and Advocate

 You ask how can I help?

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Women hold only 5% of CEO positions- Donate $5
Women hold only 20 of the 100 seats in the US Senate- Donate $20
50% of the workforce are women
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Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders

Sylvia Acevedo | Girl Scouts of America:
Senator Charleta Tavares | State of Ohio:

Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown | City of Columbus:

Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

Community Opportunities That Support Girls Who Lead 2017

Check out these upcoming events that are taking place around our community support girls who lead! If you know of an event that is not listed, feel free to send it to us!