innovators club: menacraft

Innovators Club: MENAcraft

Innovators Club: MENAcraft will bring together students from the United States and the Middle East and North Africa region in a safe, neutral, and inspiring online community, blending play and learning for a cultural and language exchange. Using NASEF’S MENAcraft challenges students will be creating scholastic esports clubs, learning from STEM professionals, playing team games, and building in Minecraft, participants develop key skills with an understanding of how those translate into workforce opportunities. They interact with peers around the world, building empathy and cross-cultural understanding as they cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship experience.

Students will collaborate on building their Club Charter, Code of Conduct, and Business Plan with goals and objectives. They also participate in moderated open-ended play in Minecraft and esports games, structured learning and cultural exchange.

For more information regarding NASEF’s MENAcraft please click the link provided:

Dates: September 19 – November 16, 2022 | No programming: October, 10th

Days: Monday & Wednesday

Total Days: 17 total days (42.5 hours)

Time: 3:30PM – 6:00PM

Pricing: $75.00

Note: The NASEF MENAcraft program allows for all students to receive a free Minecraft Education account that they can use throughout the program and beyond. PAST can also provide accounts for those who do not want to create a personal account.

This one-week program runs from 3:30pm-6pm on Mondays & Fridays beginning September 19th – November 16th and is open to rising 8th-10th graders, ages 13-15. 

Once you are registered you will receive an email a week prior to the start of the program with information regarding all programming information included location, necessary paperwork and more!