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PAST offers a variety of dynamic Online courses for educators of every field in all grade levels on relevant, innovative topics that connect theory to practice.  Designed for individual or group participants, courses are delivered through a combination of instructional podcasts, videos and live virtual class meetings.


Introduction to Transdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning (TPBL)

This four week, online introductory course provides an overview of the instructional strategies associated with Transdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning (TPBL).Delivered through a combination of podcasts, virtual synchronous discussions, and conception homework, P3 Design: Introduction to TPBL prepares teachers to begin implementing TPBL in the classroom.

Topics covered:

  • Habits of Mind
  • Principles of Design
  • Building TPBL Modules
  • Short Cycle Assessment

Current Offerings For This Course

November 2017