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Parental Request to Withdraw Minor from Participation in Research (online survey)

IRB Protocol Number:  # 2017-11-0016ETH

The Amplification and Acceleration of Design Thinking on the STEM Landscape

IRB Approval Date: 02.05.24

Study Title: Exploration of STEM Agricultural Careers through Student Programming

Researchers: Lane Fargher Navarro, Ph.D.

Research Organization: PAST Foundation, Columbus, Ohio

Sponsor: Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation

Your child has been selected to participate in a research study examining the impact of STEM programming on students. Your minor’s participation is voluntary, confidential, and involves no risk to your child.


Research activities may include students from grades K-12 taking surveys, participating in interviews or group discussions, and/or classroom observations. All results are anonymous and will not include identifying information. This research will provide an understanding of the benefits of the Ohio Farm Bureau’s ExploreAg student program on STEM learning. These research methods are designed to measure how your child engages with STEM and agricultural career exploration. The insights we gather from the research activities will help us improve the programming and provide a better experience for your child. The insights may also be shared in magazine articles and at teacher conferences to help improve STEM learning experiences for all children.


You may contact PAST Staff members Kayla Galloway, Research Field Manager, Dr. Lane Fargher Navarro, Director of Research, or Maria Green Cohen, Impact Officer at telephone number 614-340-1208 any time you have questions about the research or the IRB approved project.


Your child’s participation in this research is voluntary, and no one will be penalized or lose benefits if you refuse permission to participate or decide to stop.

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