The PAST Foundation – KIPP Summer 2021 Programs

Join Us This Summer to Become a KIPP Junior Ranger!

Our Programs are available to KIPP students in grades 1st-2nd and grades 3rd-4th.
All of the PAST Foundation’s KIPP Summer 2021 Programs will take place on campus at the Battelle Environmental Center. 

Environmental Curiosity : June 14 - June 18, 2021; 9AM-4PM

This Program is Currently Waitlist Only

Join us and become a KIPP Environmental Junior Ranger!
Curiosity is a main piece of exploring the natural world. Students will explore KIPP Campus and learn fundamentals in observation. Students will observe the environment, record what they have seen and interpret what it means in the ecosystem. Student’s curiosity will be ignited through exploration challenges that partner the natural world and literacy.
Kipp Junior Ranger Badges: Curiosity, Observation, Design Thinking, Exploration, and more
Program Activities: Exploration mission, shelter building, create a critter

This Program is Currently Waitlist Only

Life in the Water: June 21 - June 25, 2021; 9AM-4PM

Join us and become a KIPP Water Junior Ranger!
Animals are all around us and in this camp students will look closer at those animals that live in water. While students search the KIPP Campus waterways for signs of life, they will also learn about erosion, pollution, and how both contribute to water quality in each watershed. 
Kipp Junior Ranger Badges: Water Bugs, Erosion Specialist, Teamwork, Water Quality, and more
Program Activities:Water quality inspection (pond vs. creek), watershed recreation, dip-netting

Life in the Sky: July 12 - July 16, 2021; 9AM-4PM

This Program is Currently Waitlist Only

Join us and become a KIPP Junior Ornithologist!
Have you ever wondered what kind of bird made the noise you heard? During this week, students will learn about bird identification, what makes something good at flying, and will design a flying object of their own.
Kipp Junior Ranger Badges: Sunseeker, Owl Pellet Explorer, Flight Commander, Problem Solver, and more
Program Activities: Bird identification, sunprints, owl pellet dissection, design a flying object

Life in the Water Forest: July 19 - July 23, 2021; 9AM-4PM

This Program is Currently Waitlist Only

Join us and become a KIPP Junior Entomology!
What lives in that hole in the tree? What kind of insects live in this area?  Students will explore KIPP’s forest floor for signs of life, make an animal home, and learn how to track animals. From observations and exploration students will be able to create a list of animals that live on KIPP’s campus! Students will also get the chance to work with entomologists (insect scientists) from The Ohio State University to learn how to catch, preserve and identify the incredible insects that are right on KIPP Campus!
Kipp Junior Ranger Badges: Tracking, Casting, Insect Collector, Collaboration, and more
Program Activities: Animal homes, animal tracking, track casting, and catch, preserve and identify insects

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