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Nathan Lee Roy Harris, Ph.D.

STEM Coach

(Discoverer of Brilliance)

Dr. Nathan Lee Roy Harris is a STEM Coach at the PAST Foundation and is known as the Discoverer of Brilliance. After spending time as a STEM instructor, learning center director, and researcher, Nathan comes to PAST with a desire to work with teachers to support best practices in using data and analysis of school-wide trends in instruction, and making recommendations about potential next steps to address areas of need to both administration and teaching staff.

Nathan has a passion for presenting culturally relevant STEM experiences and making a difference in the lives of historically marginalized youth as he continues his research in understanding how Black parents can promote such experiences in the home.

Nathan, a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, received his Ph.D. in Engineering Education from The Ohio State University. He graduated cum laude from Morehouse College, obtaining a bachelor’s in Computer Science as a Gates Millennium Scholar.

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