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Nia Johnson

Student Experience Instructor

(Chemical Countess)

Nia Johnson is a first year doctoral student at the Ohio State University studying Engineering Education. While earning her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Ohio State, she developed a passion for STEM education research and teaching as an undergraduate research and teaching assistant in the Engineering Education department and a teaching assistant in the Chemical Engineering department. She credits the National Society of Black Engineers for her leadership and professional development, along with her love for community.

Nia is a Student Experience Instructor at PAST. As a young Black, female engineer, she strives to be a source of representation, encouragement, and inspiration for other young women of color. She believes that anyone can succeed in STEM with the right tools and support, including those that may not believe it initially.

In her free time, she enjoys weight lifting, coaching gymnastics and tumbling, and spending time with friends and family.


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