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Rubi Martinez

Administrative Assistant

(Minister of Maximization)

Also known as the “Minister of Maximization,” Rubi Martinez is currently the Administrative Assistant at the PAST Foundation. Rubi is self-motivated, reliable, and flexible; as the Administrative Assistant, she supports the PAST Foundation’s work in transforming the educational landscape by performing a variety of clerical and administrative support responsibilities.

Her experience with people and client relations, combined with her enthusiasm for the reformation of education, guided her towards the PAST Foundation, where she now experiences our impact on STEM education.

Rubi is currently a sophomore student at The Ohio State University. She is majoring in Economics with a minor in Legal Foundations of Society. Expected to graduate in 2025, Rubi plans to continue her education by pursuing law school. Rubi values self-determination and tends to work under her own steam.

Rubi’s passions include traveling, journaling, and plants. On her time off, she enjoys embarking on adventures in search of new experiences, volunteering at eco-friendly events, and taking care of her raised-bed garden at home.


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