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Applied Teaching and Learning for Educators

Join 1,000s of educators engaged in applied teaching and learning. Our P3 courses teach practical hands-on strategies that can be used immediately in your classroom. The world is integrated, so why don’t we teach that way?

Problem-based Learning at its Best!

We know teachers work hard, so we created online courses that benefit you!

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  • Videos, virtual sessions, team collaboration
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 Here’s what educators have to say about our courses…

Montana Flag“I have learned so much about education from you all, it has completely changed how I think about how our kids should receive an education. I see how your methods work every day in our students … It all comes down to ‘It works!’ and I thank you for all you do.”
– Marilee, Bonesteel, South Dakota

South Dakota Flag“Thank you for all the hard work you have done to put together a great class! This has been one of the better professional development classes I have done. You are well organized and thoughtful in planning meaningful assignments. Everything I did always felt so connected to each other from videos, blogs, articles, planning, graphic organizers, etc… “
– Jay, Bozeman, Montana

Ohio Flag“I’ve always heard that students learn best from each other and I have always wanted to try it. Great teachers come up with new ways to making learning possible, and having students teach each other is one way that learning will occur. This course has helped me design what that looks like in my classroom.”
– Carrie, Columbus, Ohio

“Insightful!  This made me really think about how I think and how I can encourage myself and my students to think more positively.”
– Angela, South Dakota

Ohio Flag“… I have enjoyed this process.  I have found it inspiring and I will be putting some of the ideas that I have gotten into practice with my courses next year.  I look forward to seeing the results from my Career Search classes project and the creating of the Resource Guide for Teenage Employment. Thank you for helping to give us this opportunity.”
– Donna, Bern Union School District, Ohio, 28 years teaching

Ohio Flag“This has really been a most excellent experience and I’m grateful to have been exposed to this movement, which I didn’t realize was even happening. It’s been a very wonderful, validating experience!”
–  Francisco, Music Instructor, Columbus, Ohio

Ohio Flag“Thank you!  I enjoyed the collaboration and feedback that yourself and others provided. It absolutely helped change aspects of my teaching. Thanks again.”
– Andrew, Liberty Union School District, Ohio

P3 – The Pathway to Teaching Success

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