p3 applied + immersive pd

A Results Driven Online, Hands-on Program

Our online P3 Applied course offerings and summer experiences help you make the switch from content-based teaching to applied learning. Whether you have visions of starting a robotics club, incorporating Minecraft into your classroom, or hosting a school-wide design challenge, we can help you take the next step.

If you have limited time this summer, take our three-week online course P3 Applied and get started. P3 Applied is an online course paced over three weeks that includes video podcasts combined with three live virtual meetings. It focuses on how you teach, utilizes design-thinking, involves team collaboration, and uses effective communication – all key components for a successful launch.

If you’re up for more, join us for one of our Immersive PD experiences that will help you plan, allow you to work alongside students developing your content, and design programs that work for you and your students! You act as a student and learn what they are learning each morning. Then in the afternoons, you will meet to design and build your plan. A final virtual meeting after your program is launched will be scheduled as follow-up support.