past bridge program reporting form

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form below. We appreciate all and any detailed information as it pertains to your program! If there are any questions about the form, please email Ashley Bloom at

PI Bridge Program Report Form

  • PI Information

  • PI #1
  • PI #2
  • Please send a photo of yourself via email to Ashley Bloom at
  • Please write a short bio
  • Organization/Company (Who are you affiliated with? Example: Hocking College)
  • Program Information

  • Program Name
  • Provide a short description of your program
  • Date(s) that the program took place
  • Cost (Price for a student to attend the program)
  • Sponsors
  • Aggregate Demographics (How many students participated in the program? What schools do the students attend? What was the age range of the students?)
  • Program Breakdown

  • Learning Objectives (What is the main question or problem students were trying to solve during the week Example: Help raise awareness for an endangered species by creating a website. Must include the following...)
  • Activities By Day (Break down program activities by day. What activities did students participate in each day to help them work towards their final presentation. Example: Day 3 – Students ventured to the Hocking College Nature Center where they were able to get up-close and personal with a variety of snakes, red-tailed hawks, and screech owls.)
  • Assessments- Pre/Post Questions (Provide pre test/post test questions and responses)
  • Send any photos that you may have from the program to Ashley Bloom at
  • Daily Modification (What modifications did you make during the time the program was running?)
  • Future Modifications (If you were to run the program again what modifications would you make? These can be things you would add, take away, time of the program etc.)
  • Quotes (Any quotes, statements etc. from students or parents about the program)
  • Provide evidence of learning. This can be a video, PowerPoint, Weebly website etc.