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The PAST Innovation Lab

We are very grateful to our generous and innovative donors and sponsors of the PAST Foundation and the PAST innovation Lab. The PAST Foundation lives in our 32,000 square foot Kinnear Road facility. This building hosts our 18,000 square foot educational programming, research, and development and prototyping lab for applied STEM education and our 16,000 square foot Fab lab and robotics arena. All of this exists at the mouth of the Kinnear Road Tech Corridor the premiere hub for Columbus and Central Ohio’s burgeoning technology hub located on west campus adjacent to OSU.

PAST partners with K12 schools, post-secondary institutions, as well as industry and community partners to design and research new and innovative programs that empower everyone to seek ways to be part of the revolution all of want to see in education. This real and meaningful change requires vision and partners. Please consider becoming a donor, a sponsor or a champion of our mission to link learning to life with hands on opportunities in applied STEM for all!

Interested in touring or renting our facility and finding out more about our innovative PD and educator programs?

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