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032 | Leading Education Initiatives in Healthcare and Technology | with Grady Burrows

Grady Burrows is the Director of Health IT Talent at a nonprofit called BioEnterprise. They act as an accelerator for the biomedical space, training people up for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and health IT industries. The health, wellness, and biologics industries have massive needs for talent, and Grady is leading the way in making sure we have trained professionals to fill those roles.

Within the past five years, BioEnterprise has undertaken a talent initiative to grow and diversify talent for health IT companies in their home state of Ohio. But the skills that we talk about, software development and data science, are skill sets that are necessary in many industries, local, national, and globally.

We unbox:

  1. The growing need for health and IT talents in the workforce

  2. The possibility to “earn and learn” when in high-demand fields

  3. Creating education opportunities at an earlier age

  4. Getting started with the budget you have

  5. Taking incremental steps to get kids engages

  6. The importance of a diverse set of teachers and staff



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