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036 | Introducing Women & Minorities to Data Science | with Jenna McGuire & Airyana Washin

Joining us today is Jenna McGuire, who is the Associate Director for Translational Data Analytics Institute at The Ohio State University. She is also the Creator and Director of the Data Science for Women’s Summer Camp, a weeklong free summer camp that introduces young women in grades 8 through 10 to data science.

Also with us is Airyana Washington, a student who participated in the data science summer program. She is going to talk share her experience and how it resonated with her. She has a passion for science and always asks the questions of how and why something works the way it does.

We are going to talk about data science and what it entails. But more importantly, how do we get more young women interested in what data science is about? We also talk about Airyana’s interest in politics, advocating for minorities, and the environment at a political level, and how to take all of this interest and turn it into a future career.

We unbox:

  1. What is data science?

  2. Why data science is such a big deal

  3. The goal of the Data Science for Women’s Summer Camp

  4. Creating a space for diversity

  5. Having these career pathways available in schools

  6. What the camp experience is like

  7. Following your passion



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