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114. Hacking the Education System with Jerry Valentine

We’re going to continue our ongoing conversation around entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and how the two relate to the education system.

Joining us is Jerry Valentine, an active community member and volunteer in the Columbus, Ohio area. As part of his journey, he has completed community hackathons, startup accelerator programs such as Give Back Hack Columbus, and participated in SEA Change where he jump-started his business venture, Renter Mentor.

Because of his participation in all of these spaces, he has a lot to bring to the discussion around the innovations happening in the startup world. We talk about how to take all of those innovations and turn them into amazing opportunities for students.

We unbox:

  1. Defining social enterprise and why it matters

  2. The importance of design thinking

  3. The difference between theory and application

  4. The barriers between entrepreneurship and diversity

  5. What Renter Mentor is and hopes to accomplish



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