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118. How Apprenticeship Plays a Role in the Future of Education with Rebecca DeMatteis & BJ Knu

Apprenticeship is a classic mode of education that we have yet to tap into the full potential of in modern times. But there are organizations out there making the most of apprenticeship, and the benefits it can provide.

Joining us to talk about apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship, and how these are taking place across the world are Rebecca DeMatteis and BJ Knutson of ApprenticeOhio.

Rebecca is the program administrator at ApprenticeOhio and the Executive Secretary of The Ohio State Apprenticeship Council. She’s responsible for overseeing all aspects of the registered apprenticeship program for the state of Ohio. BJ Knutson is the Program Delivery Supervisor for ApprenticeOhio, who oversees the daily operations for Apprenticeship. We talk about who apprenticeship is for, and how it can benefit both industries and individuals.

We unbox:

  1. What Apprenticeship Ohio is and how it operates

  2. The opportunity of apprenticeship in K-12 education

  3. Creating synergy between education and employment

  4. How apprenticeship helps meet the needs of industries

  5. Creating a successful apprenticeship program

  6. Bridging the gap between education and opportunity



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