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121. Bringing Education Outdoors with Jessa Goldner

Elementary school students in the United States don’t typically focus much on science, but sparking that interest early can be a great opportunity to create a lifelong pursuit.

Jessa Goldner is part of the PAST Foundation’s Student Experience Team. She’s been focusing the past six months on designing an environmental science program geared towards elementary students. She’s been building this program out at KIPP Columbus, a local school with an amazing outdoor space.

She dives into the importance of teaching young children about the environment, how she gets them involved and interested in participating in something directly, and incorporating environmental education into every classroom.

We unbox:

  1. What makes the KIPP campus unique

  2. Making kids comfortable getting immersed in the environment

  3. Choosing intentional environmental activities

  4. Bringing outdoor education to the broader school system




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