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126. How a Living Curriculum Redefines Education with Sal Gordon of Green School Bali

Sal Gordon, the Head of Teaching and Learning at Green School Bali, is here to explain the mission statement and vision behind the school in Bali which has now grown into a global movement. 

Sal spent 12 years in formal education and, at the end of his journey, realized that all he’d really learned along the way was how to learn. That’s what inspired him to join Green School; it matched up with his unique view of what teaching can and should be.

One of Sal’s educational tenets is that teaching should be fun! Human beings like having fun and human beings should also like being educated. There’s no logical reason to separate the two and, by all accounts, enjoying something makes it easier to learn.

We also get into how Green School Bali pivoted to keep moving during COVID, the ways that their model of education has helped students already, and its global expansion with other Green Schools in South Africa and Tulum.

We unbox:

  1. The state of education in Bali

  2. Green School’s work in Bali and internationally

  3. How all educators can implement the philosophies of Green School in their work



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