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139. Bringing Reading to Underserved Communities with Kristen Walter

Reading and literacy are skills we can often take for granted, but they aren’t as accessible as we might think. Many children – and parents alike – don’t have access to reading material that can allow them to learn at their own pace. That’s where Worldreader and their mission comes in.

The Worldreader website and app offer a digital library of books as part of their Keep Children Reading US programming and provides access to books in English and Spanish to families who otherwise struggle to access books and reading in a meaningful way.

Kristen Walters is the Director of US Programs. She shares how the organization tackles overcoming the barriers to learning, helps parents and their kids connect and learn together, and provides reading materials around the country.

We unbox:

  1. Worldreader’s mission

  2. The power of parents learning alongside their children

  3. Combating the stigma around low literacy

  4. How to access Worldreader and BookSmart



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