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149. Raising Our Teens Into Thriving Adults with Traci Bakenhaster

How do we get our kids through childhood and teenage years to adulthood?

The world is changing rapidly, and that’s leaving young adults with having to make important decisions about their future—without knowing if the advice that worked for their parents, or even their peers, will work for them in the future. Things like whether or not college is necessary, what jobs will be around in the next five to ten years, or whether or not they’re prepared to live on their own.

Thankfully, there’s Raising the Next Gen, an organization out of central Ohio that helps high school students make smart career and college decisions to become successful adults—regardless of whether that student is college-bound or going right into the workforce. Traci Bakenhaster is the founder of this organization, and she’s going to share with us why this organization exists and what it does to help young adults thrive.

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We unbox:

  1. How most adults learn things the hard way

  2. The foundations of adulting

  3. Keeping educational content both current and timeless

  4. Catering the messaging to different age groups



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