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154. Getting Stronger Engagement Through Gamification with Shawn Young

Shawn Young is the co-founder and CEO of Classcraft, an innovative platform that helps educators make learning meaningful and motivate students through gamification. SInce its launch, Classcraft has had an incredible impact, with over 10 million students making use of the platform. He has a background in teaching himself, and in fact built Classcraft to meet the needs of his own classroom before it became a tool that is deployed in classrooms around the world. We talk about why gamification is such a great tool for encouraging student participation, and how Classcraft presents these features in a way that puts real-world learning upfront and wraps it in an appealing package.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  1. How Classcraft came about

  2. The gaps that Classcraft fills in the classroom

  3. Why gamification increases intrinsic motivation

  4. Addressing the concerns about adopting Classcraft

  5. Bringing Classcraft into your classroom



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