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168. Making Education Feel Magical with Buddy Berry

Buddy Berry is the superintendent of Eminence Independent Schools, a rural district with approximately 850 students located 400 miles east of Louisville, Kentucky. Buddy is a fourth-generation alumnus of Eminence which offers him a unique perspective, coming from the place that he now leads.

Five years ago, Eminence was facing a decline in enrollment and a dropoff in funding. Thanks to Buddy and many of the programs he’s facilitated in his tenure, that decline has turned around.

We talk about some of those programs including the idea of “School on Fire,” a framework for reinventing and innovating education.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  1. Creating a framework for innovation in education

  2. Making education an experience

  3. Onboarding educators into a new, innovative system

  4. Incorporating surprise and delight into the school system



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