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176. Patching the Leaky Pipeline & Empowering STEM Identity with Dr. Mandy Smith

Dr. Mandy Smith is the Director of Research at PAST Foundation. She has a wealth of experience in the K-12 education system, including teacher preparation and the intersection of science and technology. In this episode, we will be discussing the concept of STEM identity. The lack of diversity and opportunity in STEM careers has been a topic of debate and conversation for over a decade. The "leaky pipeline" phenomenon, where individuals drop out of STEM pathways, is a well-known issue, particularly for women and underrepresented minorities. However, PAST Foundation has received funding from the Battelle Memorial Institute to delve deeper into the issue and explore STEM identity in the K-12 space. The goal is to understand and define STEM identity and determine ways to address the issue collectively.

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We unbox:

  • What STEM identity is and why we should care about it

  • How to give students the opportunity to engage in STEM activities

  • Partnering with school districts to bolster STEM identity

  • Using data to inform actionable changes

  • Taking advantage of existing service learning opportunities



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