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201. Flourishing Globally: Transformative Education with Kavita Tanna of Globally Reconnect

In today's episode of Learning Unboxed, we're joined by Kavita Tanna, founder of Globally Reconnect, an enterprise dedicated to transformative, inclusive education on a global scale. Kavita has a unique perspective on how language and storytelling shape education and personal growth.

In our conversation, Kavita delves into the philosophy behind Globally Reconnect, highlighting the importance of "flourishing" as a more holistic and empowering term than "thriving." She emphasizes that our choice of language can deeply influence our understanding of personal growth and human complexity.

Tune in as we explore how Kavita's work is connecting classrooms across continents, advocating for more thoughtful, inclusive conversations in education. We'll also get a sneak peek into her impactful work in Africa, underscoring the global relevance of her educational approach.

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We unbox:

  • The foundational philosophy behind Globally Reconnect, Kavita Tanna's social enterprise focused on inclusive, transformative education

  • The significant role of language in shaping educational approaches, with a deep dive into why Kavita prefers the term "flourishing" over "thriving”

  • The concept of personal growth and how the choice of words can empower individuals to take ownership of their feelings, thoughts, and actions

  • A preview of Kavita's impactful educational work in Africa, providing a global perspective on the principles of inclusion and equity in education


Produced by NOVA Media


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