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207. Making Design Accessible with Laura Flusche

Today we talk about threshold anxiety and teaching design thinking. Our guest is Laura Flusche, the executive Director of the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). An art historian by training, Laura has a deep love for traditional museums, but recognizes the problem of “threshold anxiety.” Many people are scared to go to museums because they feel like they won’t fit in.

At MODA, Laura focuses on making design accessible to everyone. MODA exhibits on video games and hip hop help teach the concept of design to the wider community. Based on feedback from students, the museum launched a climate change project focusing on how design thinking can create real solutions. We talk about how important it is to encourage joy and creativity when teaching about the design process.

Many of MODA’s projects have a strong online, virtual component to them so be sure to check them out as you tune in to this week’s episode of Learning Unboxed!

We unbox:

  • The history and vision of the Museum of Design Atlanta

  • What “threshold anxiety” is and how museums can address it

  • Teaching the design process while steering students away from linear thinking

  • Encouraging play and creativity in problem-solving

  • Empowering kids to take on the challenges they want to take on


Produced by NOVA Media


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