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67 | Engaging in Wonderment: The Intersection of Art, Joy, & Critical Thought | with Raygan Ba

Today’s episode is all about the intersection of art education, joy, and critical thought. Our guests, Raygan Barrett & Nicole Clevenger, are the co-founders of Wonderment, creators of curated art experience that help educators and parents cultivate creative thinking. But the program is about more than just art; it’s a combination of connecting to the world, connecting to each other, and learning about all aspects of life through the lens of art.

Wonderment is basically a combination of Nicole and Raygan’s experiences. Nicole’s background in informal education allows her to dive deep into the subject matter, play off of children’s interests, and encourage learning through experience. As an artist, Raygan focuses more on exploration, thinking like an artist, and the creative process. The alchemy of these two approaches and experiences is a truly one-of-a-kind learning experience, for everyone involved.

Plus, Raygan and Nicole have come up with some great ideas for how parents can bring Wonderment into their own communities this Summer.

We unbox:

  1. The origins of Wonderment

  2. Why Wonderment is about more than just art

  3. Fostering the innate sense of curiosity and creativity that children are born with

  4. Using art as a tool to help kids think more critically about the world and their role in it

  5. The questions you can ask kids to encourage critical and creative thinking

  6. What implementation looks like

  7. Bringing Wonderment to educators in a post-COVID world

  8. Helping professionals understand how they can help as informal educators in a program like this

  9. How parents can bring Wonderment into their own backyards this Summer


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