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83 | What Does a School Board Do & What Does It Mean to be a School Board Member? | with Lori T

Today we’re covering a topic that we’ve never actually talked about on the program before: What do school boards do? Why would someone run for one? And is it really important?

Really, it’s impossible to talk about what’s going on within our school without considering what’s going on within our school boards. So, we sat down with three newly elected school board members to hear why they were compelled to serve their communities in this capacity:

  1. John Jones, an experienced business owner, a former Huron City Council member, and a new member for Huron City School Board.

  2. Dr. Tina Pierce, a program manager for the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University, CEO and Founder of WORTH (Working through Obstacles Reaching True Heights Foundation), and a new member of Columbus City School Board.

  3. Lori Trent, the communications and development guru here at the PAST Foundation, an art teacher, and a new member of the Upper Arlington School Board.

We unbox:

  1. Being willing to serve

  2. Why someone might decide to be on a school board

  3. What kinds of people and skills can help a school board

  4. The role of the school board VS the role of the school administration

  5. Learning from COVID-19

  6. How the board has been able to do to support the community while learning from home


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