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Columbus Green Building Forum Provide Generous Material Donation to PAST

Last month PAST received a generous donation of renewable energy kits from the Columbus Green Building Forum. These kits, which include alternative energy materials such as solar panels, are able to be put to use through our Student Programs here at PAST and throughout the community. PAST is extremely excited to be able to integrate these types of materials into our programming.

About the Columbus Green Building Forum

The Columbus Green Building Forum is an organization dedicated to promoting energy-efficient and environment-friendly building practices in Central Ohio. They provide education to the building industry and participate in projects to create awareness in the general public. The Forum is Central Ohio’s leader in providing educational opportunities to advance the principles and practices of sustainability.

CGBF’s mission is to advance the principles and practices of sustainability throughout the Central Ohio region. The Forum continuously pursues cutting edge relevancy in the field and serves as a catalyst for sustainable growth. Through innovative strategies, collaborative alliances and social entrepreneurship, the Forum creates new markets to develop and support sustainable opportunities throughout the region.

You can find out more about the Forum by visiting

Thank you again to the Columbus Green Building Forum for being an excellent partner in STEM Education!


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