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Forensics in the Classroom

Forensics in the Classroom

Wolsey Wessington School students have a mystery to solve.  This week, all week, they will be learning scientific techniques that help Forensic Scientists solve mysteries.  Designed and developed by the PAST Foundation and The Ohio State University Department of Anthropology — the South Dakota Innovation Lab (SDIL), along with their partners Sanford Research, PAST, and numerous community volunteers the students of Wolsey Wessington will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in forensic science and use of critical thinking skills to solve a real problem.

 FITC is a Bridge Program designed to let teachers and students experience hands-on learning that is rigorous, relevant and aligned to teaching standards – very different from traditional learning.  FITC at Wolsey Wessington will give the community the opportunity to experience the richness of modern learning opportunities that are possible in today’s SDIL classrooms.

See more photos from this FITC Bridge Program.  Very cool stuff!


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