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Kimberly Faulk Joins PAST as COO

PAST Foundation welcomes Kimberly Faulk to PAST Foundation, as our Chief Operating Officer with over 19 years of experience in marine archaeology, and more than a decade of experience in the offshore oil and gas industry. Over the past two decades working in the offshore environment, Kim found ways to use scientific discovery and research to excite students about careers within STEM.

Kim is excited to bring her experience and enthusiasm around applied oceanographic science and engineering from industry into classrooms to PAST. With backgrounds in non-profits as well as industry, Kim brings a new lens to the PAST team and will enable PAST to continue to grow and evolve into an ever-stronger organization.

“Joining PAST and its dynamic, innovative team is an incredible opportunity. I hope to be able to bring some of my previous relationships and experiences to PAST to help further our vision of bringing community, industry, and educators together to find new solutions to best prepare our students today and tomorrow.”

Kim’s experience includes joining Geoscience Earth and Marine Services, Inc.® (GEMS®) in May 2008. She was responsible for the day to day operations of GEMS, and continued to be responsible for interpretation of high-resolution geophysical data (AUV and conventional), ROV target investigations, and archaeological assessments.

Kimberly worked at C & C Technologies, Inc., where she was involved with offshore AUV surveys, diver assisted target investigations, BOEM ROV investigations, high resolution geophysical data interpretation, and archaeological and hazard assessments. Her experience included shallow water survey and interpretation in addition to deep-water identification and excavation of significant shipwrecks.

She spent two years with the North Carolina’s Underwater Archaeology Branch excavating the alleged Queen Anne’s Revenge, the pirate Blackbeard’s flagship lost in 1718 off the Carolina coast. Ms. Faulk worked with NOAA at the USS Monitor site, and in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary at the Queen of Nassau site. She has worked on sites that range from prehistoric canoes to World War II shipping losses.

Linked In: Kimberly.Faulk



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