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Pres. Clinton Recognizes PAST for Outstanding Work

The PAST Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to redesigning education in America, was recognized by Pres. Bill Clinton during his opening remarks at the

CGI America 2014 (Clinton Global Initiative America) for their innovative and successful approach to providing STEM professional development for teachers.

“In 2012 the PAST Foundation and its partners committed to improve STEM education in rural and Native American reservation schools in South Dakota by equipping 450 teachers with the necessary training to implement an innovative, a culturally relevant approach to teaching. It’s now known as the South Dakota Innovation Lab, a statewide STEM professional development program that so far has provided 8300 student with access to quality education that meets them where they are and prepares them for the modern economy,” said Pres. Clinton.  Hear Pres. Clinton’s remarks here (he talks about PAST at approx. 6:19).

Dr. Annalies Corbin is Founder and CEO of PAST.  As a member of CGI America’s STEM working group,  Dr. Corbin was in the audience for Pres. Clinton’s remarks, unaware that PAST would be recognized for their commitment and service.

“I have been extremely fortunate over the years to have had many opportunities to be proud of the work and the people that make up the PAST Foundation.  Today was one of those days.  To my utter surprise and true joy I had the opportunity to listen to President Bill Clinton tell the world about our partnership and work in South Dakota with the South Dakota Innovation Lab.  I will fully admit that I sat in the crowd of colleagues and strangers with tears flowing as I heard our story told by a former US President,” said Dr. Corbin.

The South Dakota Innovation Lab (SDIL) is made possible through the dedication and partnership with the Mid-Central Educational Cooperative and Sanford Research.

PAST Foundation and PAST Innovation Lab provide professional development in STEM focused transdiciplinary problem-based learning to educators. Their work includes an online Masters in STEM Education program for teachers through Dakota Wesleyan University, online/in-person PD courses & workshops for educators and programs for students.


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