Mentorship Development

A goal of our STEM transformational model is to partner professionals with educators drawing on compelling events that engage and excite students. Today’s youth should possess the skills to take what they learn in formal and informal education settings into their adult lives. Their experiences affect how they approach decision-making, approach problem solving, and perceive the world around them. We believe that helping our youth better understand the world’s interconnectivity will prepare them to be more effective members of their communities. 

And the way that PAST does this is through our Mentorship Training Program. Traditionally taking place over two to four weeks, PAST works alongside industry and corporate professionals to train and prepare them to work with students to develop a mentor/mentee relationship while exposing them to STEM-related programming. Once the participants in the Training Program have completed this portion, PAST then provides opportunities for the industry and corporate professionals to work directly with students using PAST-developed STEM programs. 

Companies who have participated in our Mentorship Training Program:

  • Honda
  • CoverMyMeds
  • Bath & Body Works
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