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The PAST School Design team approaches learning from a Problem-Based Learning stance using the principles of design to build programs that address real world issues and engage students and teachers in a learning partnership.

PAST focuses on a replicable process of building holistic education so that teachers can easily build programs across content areas. Whether you need on-site support, online assistance or immersive experiences, we can customize our offerings to meet your needs.The School Design team offers a variety of professional development opportunities for administrators, teachers, and community partners to build sustainable programs tailored to the needs of your school’s unique culture.

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On-site Professional Development

We understand the importance of aligning your community aspirations as you build educational strategies and delivery systems that work for your students, your school, and you! Our systems approach is culturally focused, allowing for scaffolding opportunities that help develop effective strategies.

  • Strategic planning assistance to support systemic change
  • Administrator and teacher leadership workshops
  • Personalized professional development for entire teaching staffs
  • Quarterly planning days to build culturally relevant Transdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning (TPBL) modules
  • Community partnership connection and development
  • Concierge services, providing 1:1 teacher support

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Online Professional Development

PAST’s Online PD is an excellent entry point to engage in transformative learning opportunities. PAST’s Online Learning courses offer administrators and teachers the opportunity to develop shared language across a district or school and to explore the theory, design and practice behind innovative instructional and delivery strategies. Problems > Projects > Products, the P3 series guides participants through the online courses, which includes podcasts and virtual meetings.

Online Learning

Immersive Professional Development

Immersive professional development allows educators the opportunity to engage in content-specific experiences along side students and content  experts in a low risk environment. P3 Applied empowers educators to  design innovative approaches to teaching and learning that leverages their gained knowledge. Educators from any content area can, and are encouraged to participate, in PAST’s Immersive PDs, that includes synchronous (face to face) and asynchronous components.  Participants engage in the P3 Applied online course which includes video podcasts and virtual meetings, followed by an intensive hands-on experience during an on-site Bridge Program. Immersive PD topics change regularly. Current topics include robotics, Minecraft, Art and STEM, and agricultural engineering.

Immersive PD


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"The high quality, customized professional development provided by PAST was tailored to meet this unique challenge. The engaging, high energy presentations and collaborative work sessions allowed our teachers to communicate and collaborate to develop and refine their teaching practices."

- William Doermann, Principal-Starling Pre K-8 , Columbus City Schools

Evidence of Learning

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