sprouts & energy summer immersive teacher pd

Grab the Opportunity

Immersive Teacher PD- Sprouts & Energy 4 Week Summer School

When: June 4-29, 2018, Monday – Friday
Time: 9am-3pm
Location: PAST Innovation Lab- 1003 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212
Benefits: $5000 remuneration for teaching
$4800 value in PD (Online P3Design, Mentoring, & Facilitated Planning)

Tell me about the Opportunity:

Sprouts & Energy are immersive summer school experiences focused on creating a community garden with produce to support a Chef’s Market and the energy systems that run the garden.  Three teachers simultaneously deliver core content in English (grade 10), Math (Algebra, Geometry, Pre Calc), and Environmental Science while solving the demands of the garden, energy support, and market.  Teachers receive online PD to plan course modules in May and ongoing support during the 4 weeks from Master Hybrid teachers.

Who can Apply?

High School teachers with 9-12 licenses in  English, Math, or Science.

Do I get paid?

Teachers receive $5000 remuneration for teaching 4 weeks and participating in the project planning.  Teachers will receive $4800 worth of professional development and training. Program dependent on student participation (minimum of 15 students per program (Sprouts (15) and Energy (15).