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Welcome to Maker Mania: STEM Resources!

With the mounting disruption in our society as a result of COVID19 the PAST Foundation is here to provide parents/guardians and educators with access to some of our STEM educational resources!

Educators can use these resources as take home activities for their students while parents/guardians can download these activities straight to their devices.

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Educators, feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions for moving your courses online or using these resources, let us know how we can help you align this content to your standards.

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How Do I Use a Design Challenge?

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Visit our STEMStreaming  and Webinars for Educators pages.

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A Few Words About The Design Cycle and Design Thinking

Design Thinking is built around the way that humans think and learn.

First we are introduced to a problem, then we creatively brainstorm and design solutions to that problem. There is no one right way. After we design we build. Then we test and succeed or fail. Both are natural ways of learning and both have their place and importance. If we fail, we go back and analyze and modify our design until it no longer fails. Then when we are comfortable with success, we share our solution. Using the Mini Design Challenges provided by the PAST Foundation means your are given permission to explore and experiment. Try new things; give yourself permission to be creative. Most importantly, have fun!


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If you need help with implementing and using these Design Challenges or moving your content digitally — we are still here! Contact us at the following emails:



Kat Deaner, Director PAST School Design

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Ashley Price, Assistant Director PAST Bridge Programs


Jeff Schneider, STEM Coordinator PAST School Design

Mary Schneider, STEM Coordinator, PAST School Design