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transforming learning

PAST is taking the lead in transforming learning!

We are working to take education to the next level.

Our work over the last 16 years has provided us with a wealth of experiences across 29 states and includes recognitions by the US Department of Education and by Smart Business magazine for our innovative practices. Included in any successful business plan is the documented successes. We provide for you here a sample of some of our more memorable accomplishments.

What does PAST Foundation Do?

The PAST Foundation (Partnering Anthropology with Science and Technology) is a non-profit provider of STEM education, school design, and workforce development. Although deeply committed to STEM education, PAST recognizes that good education and practice encompasses more than science, technology, engineering, and math and applies to all disciplines. Meeting 21st century workforce needs from farming to robotics and from health to the arts will require technology and a systems approach in every profession.

An Anthropological Perspective: Foundational Strategies of Education

Today’s communities must examine the particulars of instruction and delivery so that they are aligned with how industries and networks function in the 21st century. As teachers shift to being guides in instruction and learning environments become portals of knowledge exploration that combine experience and authentic problem-solving, the particulars of instructional and delivery strategies will align with the cultural strategies defining literacy. Download this document here.

The Hybrid Teacher Model

In 2015, South Dakota Innovation Lab (SDIL) was awarded a Bush South Dakota Community Foundation grant for the purpose of piloting a Hybrid teaching system that incorporates technology and prototypes a model for integrating content and problem-based instructional strategies alongside hybrid delivery for pre-service teachers. The proposal comes from a five year quest to address several critical issues facing education in rural America. Download this document here. 

Spotlighting Education

Our spotlights include inspirational stories of school districts and teachers exploring new and exciting approaches to learning! We are also posting articles that you may find useful and maybe some ideas that you can try in your classroom. Have a question, just send us an email at Click here to read our Spotlight Stories.

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