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Annalies Corbin:
CEO, Founder, and Chief Goddess of the PAST Foundation

Annalies Corbin, Chief Goddess of the PAST Foundation

CEO, Founder, and Chief Goddess of the PAST Foundation

Annalies Corbin is a leader in connecting scientific research with education and business and industry within communities. As an anthropologist, field archaeologist and STEM researcher her impact focuses the lens of culture and applied STEM in bridging education and the workplace. Annalies founded The PAST Foundation in 2000 assembling a team that could grow the original reach and mission of linking learning to life. The secret for success then and now has been active partnerships between business and industry, schools, and the community. Hands on learning, and real-world problem-based learning are the key to the future of learning and work.

There are four distinct phases of PAST’s evolving mission.

  • Original fieldwork with masters students and teachers to bridge the gap between education and real-world problem solving.
  • Embedded research and development and design and strategy in Ohio’s first STEM designated Early College High School.
  • Expansion of informal Applied STEM programs across Ohio and multiple states to accelerate the awareness and integration of Applied STEM education and industry partnerships.
  • Creating opportunity within PAST to build communities of practice around Educator Programs and STEM Integration, Professional Development for teachers on site and online, Ethnographic Research and Evaluation, and continuous innovation in informal programs for students, teachers, schools and communities.

In 2015, PAST Foundation launched PAST Innovation Lab a 32,000 sqft R&D and Prototyping Lab for Applied STEM education. PIL connects directly with teachers through online professional development courses, MAEd program and on-site workshops. True to Annalies’ vision, it is a magnet for innovative teaching and learning for all. PAST Innovation Lab impacts more classrooms and expands learning opportunities for teachers, students, and community and business mentors everywhere. In 20 years, PAST has impacted more than 280,000 students, over 15,000 teachers across 36 states, hosting nearly 10,000 visitors and building hundreds of partnerships.

In 2019, Annalies and PAST launched Learning Unboxed a podcast series highlighting industry experts, teachers, and students talking about the changing needs in the world of teaching, learning and the future of work. Follow Dr. Corbin on your favorite podcast platform or use the links below.

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  • Baccalaureate in Anthropology from The University of South Dakota
  • Master Degree in Maritime Archaeology from East Carolina University
  •  Doctorate in Anthropology and History from The University of Idaho